Senate Bill 58

Senate Bill 58 – Increases Electricity Costs:  Bad for Ohio Manufacturers

Senate Bill 58 (and companion bill, House Bill 302) represents a radical overhaul of Ohio’s energy efficiency policy, standards and requirements.  If approved, Senate Bill 58 could wipe out $2.5 billion in projected savings from energy efficiency from 2014 through 2020 and drive up electricity costs for manufacturers for years to come.

Here’s a fact sheet that provides background and an overview of the provisions of the bill.

Here is an elevator speech – the bill’s provisions in a brief summary.

This is testimony provided on behalf of OMA to the Senate Public Utilities Committee by opponents to Senate Bill 58.  Testimony is provided by these subject matter experts:

Here is a major amendment to Senate Bill 58 backed by the OMA and a broad coalition of consumer, advanced energy and environmental organizations. Here is a press release on the action.

What editorial boards say about Senate Bill 58:

Act now to protect your cost of electricity and prevent this utility overreach!

Tell your state senator and representative that you are opposed to Senate Bill 58.

For more information, contact OMA’s Ryan Augsburger.