Who are OMA Members?

Our membership reflects the type, size and distribution of manufacturing across Ohio, with transportation equipment, plastics, fabricated metal, machinery, chemical and every other type of manufacturer represented in the family of OMA members.

OMA Membership at a Glance

Benefits of OMA Membership

Membership in the OMA is company-wide, providing an opportunity for everyone on your staff to participate in ways that best meet individual needs – from accessing information online to participating in shaping public policy through committee work.

Joining OMA


When you join the OMA, we’ll arrange for a welcome and onboarding session to make sure you know where and how to connect to the services that you value. We’ll show you how you can customize your experience at any time at My OMA.

Members will get the most value by opting into the management communities that are most relevant to their roles and interests. When you opt into a management community, the information and opportunities we send you are tailored.

OMA membership is company-wide. Your annual dues reflect the investment your company has made in Ohio.

Connections Partner Program for Associate Members

Connect your company’s professional services and consulting expertise with members of the OMA through the OMA’s Connections Partner Program.

Joining the OMA as a Connections Partner enables you to:

The annual dues for associate members begin at $5,000 with opportunities for greater sponsorship and visibility!