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RunnerStone LLC Publishes Memo on PJM’s Capacity Market Changes

May 17, 2024

RunnerStone LLC, OMA’s energy engineering consultant, has published a memo describing changes approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to PJM’s capacity market. PJM’s capacity market has two objectives: one being to procure a sufficient amount of generation capacity for each year through a competitive auction and the other being to provide resource adequacy and reliability on a long-term basis at a reasonable cost.

The approved changes will begin for the 2025/26 electricity delivery year, and consist of changes to system resource adequacy modeling, generation technology accreditation, and testing requirements. 5/15/2024

IRS Provides Guidance for 2024 Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit Program

May 17, 2024

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released guidance for the second round of Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit Applications. These credits are for owners of clean energy manufacturing and recycling projects, greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, and critical material projects.

The program, which allows for applications for up to $6 billion in allocations, functions like a competitive grant. 5/15/2024

OMA Energy Committee Meets to Discuss Energy Policy

May 10, 2024

This week, the OMA Energy Committee met at the OMA offices. Highlights from the packed agenda included:

  • Special guest, Jenifer French, Chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio;
  • An update on the ongoing electric reliability scare;
  • Discussion of pending energy legislation;
  • Review of PJM’s capacity auction changes;
  • Updates on Ohio’s electric utility load forecasts; and
  • Discussion electric and natural gas pricing trends.

Save the date for the OMA Energy Conference on September 19. 5/8/2024

Electric Reliability Scare Discussed

May 10, 2024

Members of the OMA energy committee heard presentations touching on the potential for future electric generation adequacy. Today, there is more than enough generation within the PJM system to serve Ohio’s needs. OMA-commissioned research suggests the future demand shortages are overstated.

Grid operators have significant tools to forecast and plan for generation adequacy primarily using market signals. The recently finalized U.S. EPA restrictions on power plant emissions will send a counter-productive signal to would-be investors in new natural gas fueled power plants. The OMA is calling on the U.S. EPA to delay implementation of the regulations. 5/8/2024

OMA Opposes Legislation to Increase Electric Bills

May 10, 2024

The Ohio House Public Utilities Committee is currently considering House Bill 260, which proposes to add more charges to customers’ electric bills through new distribution riders while decreasing consumer protections.

The OMA submitted testimony this week to oppose the bill, which would be a windfall for Ohio utilities at the expense of Ohio manufacturers. 5/8/2024

House Passes Bill Broadening Eligibility for Renewable Energy Credits

May 10, 2024

This week, the House passed House Bill 264, expanding eligibility for renewable energy credits to include waste energy recovery systems. 5/8/2024

OMA Energy Committee to Meet Next Week

May 3, 2024

The OMA Energy Committee will meet next week with special guest PUCO Chair Jenifer French. Topics include:

  • An update on the ongoing electric reliability scare;
  • Review of PJM’s capacity auction changes;
  • Discussion of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) reliability;
  • Updates on Ohio’s electric utility load forecasts;
  • Energy siting amicus activity; and
  • Pending energy legislation.

Please join us in person to enjoy a networking lunch provided by the OMA. 5/1/2024

EPA Power Plant Rule Tightens Emissions Standards

May 3, 2024

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recently finalized its rule to limit power plant emissions, updating section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. Under the regulations, existing coal and new natural gas-fired power plants that run more than 40% of the time would have to eliminate 90% of their carbon dioxide emissions. The rule was among four measures targeting coal and natural gas plants that the EPA said would provide “regulatory certainty” to the power industry and encourage them to make investments to transition “to a clean energy economy.”

By including burdensome emissions limitations on new natural gas power plants, this rule will send a counterproductive signal to potential power plant operators in the nation. The EPA is countering criticism of the rule by claiming electricity costs will stay in check, and reliability maintained, due to tax incentives and funding from the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for carbon capture and sequestration technology. 4/23/2024

Emails Indicate FirstEnergy Paid $300k to a Dark Money Org Tied to Senate President

April 26, 2024

Additional details continue to emerge about the extent of FirstEnergy’s strategic monetary contributions during the time period that House Bill 6 was being debated by the legislature. It has been discovered that in spring 2019, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit funded and controlled by FirstEnergy secretly paid $300,000 to a dark money nonprofit a lobbyist associated with now-Senate President Matt Huffman.

Huffman’s spokesman has stated that he has never created, controlled, or coordinated any 501(c)(4). 4/23/2024

Sam Randazzo: A Complete Timeline

April 19, 2024

The Columbus Dispatch recently published an article detailing the full timeline of events surrounding the career and downfall of former PUCO Chair Sam Randazzo following his suicide earlier this month.

While the House Bill 6 investigation is still ongoing, federal prosecutors will dismiss the case against Randazzo following his suicide. The case against Randazzo from the state of Ohio is still ongoing. 4/17/2024