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At a Glance: Ohio’s Unemployment by County

June 24, 2022

Ohio’s statewide unemployment rate was 3.9% in May, according to the latest update from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. But unemployment rates vary widely throughout the 88 counties. This map shows several counties with jobless rates well below 3%, while eight counties saw jobless rates of 4.4% or higher.

During May, employment in goods-producing industries increased 29,800. Manufacturing added 18,000 jobs in durable goods (+10,400) and non-durable goods (+7,600). 6/23/2022

Hiring Workers Under Age 18 for the Summer?

June 24, 2022

As more employers look to hiring minors for the summer, Bricker & Eckler, the OMA’s general counsel, has published this guidance to shed light on the unique federal and Ohio labor laws that apply when hiring anyone under the age of 18.

As a reminder, the OMA offers this guidance for members participating in Ohio’s Manufacturing Mentorship Program, which allows 16- and 17-year-olds to work in a manufacturing operation through part-time employment. 6/23/2022

IRS Unveils New Retirement Plan Compliance Program

June 24, 2022

The IRS has announced it’s piloting a new 90-day, pre-examination retirement plan compliance program. OMA Connections Partner Calfee advises employers that receive a letter from the IRS regarding this new program to take immediate action to begin an assessment of the tax-qualified status of their plan. 6/23/2022

Virtual Skilled Trades Job Fair Set for June 22

June 17, 2022

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will host a statewide, virtual skilled-trades job fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 22. Employers that want to participate should email the agency, while job seekers can pre-register here. 6/13/2022

Gallup: Even Your Committed Employees Are Being Recruited

June 17, 2022

Recent research shows one in four U.S. employees say they have been recruited in the past three months. As a result, Gallup reports that managers need to proactively address the factors that are contributing to resignations, including pay and benefits, career development, and work structure and flexibility. 6/14/2022

U.S. Manufacturing Nears Pre-Pandemic Job Numbers

June 10, 2022

Nationwide, manufacturers have added a robust 213,000 workers year to date, according to Chad Moutray, chief economist for the National Association of Manufacturers. That’s in addition to building on the 365,000 workers added in 2021, which was the highest total since 1994.

In his weekly report, Moutray says the U.S. manufacturing sector has 12,768,000 employees, with 17,000 fewer workers today relative to February 2020.

As of April, Ohio’s manufacturing sector had roughly 683,000 employees. 6/6/2022

Six Steps to Manage Remote Employees

June 10, 2022

For employers with remote workers, OMA Connections Partner Fisher Phillips has shared this six-step management plan. Steps include deciding which jobs can be remote; approving remote locations; hiring properly; and providing employee notices and training. 6/7/2022

EEOC Opens Registration for Private Sector Training

June 10, 2022

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has opened its registration system for private sector training courses. The agency’s virtual workshops begin June 28 and include such topics as pay equity, civil rights and the pandemic, and legal updates. 6/9/2022

Webinar: Overview of Changes to Form 5500

June 10, 2022

There have been several developments in recent years affecting the federal government’s Form 5500 series, used by employers to satisfy annual reporting requirements for employee benefit plans. On June 22, OMA Connections Partner Vorys will host a complimentary webinar to provide an overview of these changes and the impact on audits of employee benefit plans. Learn more and register. 6/9/2022

Study Examines Manufacturing Compensation Trends

June 3, 2022

Most manufacturers have increased wages to attract and retain workers, according to a new study by The Manufacturing Institute. Nearly 90% of respondents said they have increased compensation and incentives. Read the full report.

The average hourly earnings for production and non-supervisory U.S. manufacturing workers have climbed to $24.78. Despite higher wages in all industries, the U.S. labor force participation rate remains below pre-pandemic levels at 62.2%. 6/1/2022