Why the OMA Energy Group?

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Why the OMA Energy Group?

Nothing about the energy industry is getting cheaper or easier. Conservation goals, new forms of energy feedstocks, renovations to the infrastructure, startup costs of new technologies, higher environmental compliance standards … when you add it up, all indicators point to the fact that manufacturers need to be skilled energy managers.

And the place in Ohio where many energy cost inputs are determined is the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

The OMA Energy Group monitors the extensive case docket of the PUCO and elects when and how to intervene in cases.

To be effective in the legal aspects of PUCO intervention, the OMA Energy Group has strategic assistance from its law firm, Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP.

Interventions in utility cases are costly legal proceedings. The work includes:

  • Analyzing utility filings to the PUCO
  • Managing discovery motions
  • Monitoring and participating in PUCO hearings
  • Writing briefs, among other litigation motions

Note, too, that there are non-industrial interveners operating in Ohio that manufacturers should be aware of because of potential conflicting agendas.