What OMA Energy Group Members Say

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What OMA Energy Group Members Say

“Our company does not have the resources to dedicate full time staff to understand the myriad of regulations and cases that go through the PUCO.  The OMA Energy Group offers us a cost effective solution to allow us to participate in a meaningful way by joining forces with other respected companies.”

Bradley H. Belden
Director, Support Services
The Belden Brick Company


“OMA has been a valuable partner to Plaskolite on matters important to our business and manufacturing needs.  OMA Energy Group has educated us on the PUCO’s inner workings and the utility markets, and has been a strong advocate of cost-effective energy supplies for Ohio manufacturers like Plaskolite.”

Timothy W. Ling, P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Plaskolite, Inc.


“Membership in the OMA Energy Group has enabled collaboration on a critical issue to Ohio’s manufacturing companies, resulting in energy cost savings for our company of several thousand dollars.  Membership in the Energy Group has created opportunities to work with Ohio’s legislators and regulatory agencies which will serve the manufacturing community of Ohio well.”

Jane M. Neal
Senior Vice President
AMG Vanadium, Inc.