Features and Benefits

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What OMA Energy Group Delivers Why Its Important to You
Ongoing information about PUCO cases and legislation Enables you to act to protect your rates
A forum for your company’s specific energy issues and concerns A direct way for your requirements to be considered by your utility and the PUCO
Regular in-person meetings with call in option A vehicle for you to influence and shape energy policy and legislation and stay up-to-date
Access to legal, technical and policy experts Gain advice that is critical to your business
Board of Directors entirely made up from among Ohio’s manufacturers Manufacturers’ interests are the OMA Energy Group’s only priority
A voice in all critical PUCO rates cases through the OMA Energy Group, when your company alone may not have standing Helps protect your company when your utility brings its case(s) as virtually all rate cases through the PUCO tend to set precedent for all other Ohio utilities
Cost-sharing in PUCO interventions with like-minded manufacturers Lowers costs for participating over going it alone
Evaluation of cost-saving energy programs When appropriate, the OMA Energy Group will evaluate pooling and affinity programs and other cost-savings options to save members money