OMA’s Energy Efficiency Peer Network – Benefits

Benefits of participating in the OMA’s Energy Efficiency Peer Network:

  1. Access expertise regarding best-in-class technologies, incentive opportunities, and cost-effectiveness of program options.
  2. Connect with electric and gas utilities, state energy office, government financial resources and educational programs, and other professional resources.
  3. Help develop or join pilot programs for new utility incentive programs and rebates.
  4. Learn about Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) rules, rule changes and new incentives, such as net-metering rules, interconnection and stand-by rates, efficiency program incentives, and financing programs.
  5. Engage your peers on energy-saving technologies, projects, best practices and lessons learned.
  6. Develop rule changes or legislative action for OMA to pursue with PUCO and the General Assembly based on the work group feedback.
  7. Connect with CHP and WER development companies and distributed generation suppliers (OMA has no financial arrangements with suppliers).


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