Toward a New Ohio

This week two researchers at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs of The Ohio State University released a study looking at trends in the Ohio economy and its workforce. The study is a must-read for anyone interested in Ohio economic policy.

The report, “Toward a New Ohio,” aims to “help inform the gubernatorial candidates and Ohio voters on important policy choices and decisions that lie ahead. The papers provide historical context for Ohio’s current economic performance, examine concerns regarding future growth and identify key questions facing the next governor.”

The study suggests that “four areas deserve more attention from the gubernatorial candidates:

  1. Stimulate the creation of new jobs in industry clusters that have the potential both to diversify the state’s economy and exploit its competitive advantages;
  2. Align the needs of Ohio employers with the skills of Ohio workers, particularly in the mid-level skill range, and streamline education and training programs;
  3. Address the unique challenges of Ohio workers and Ohio communities that have been unable to adapt to and compete in the modern economy; and

Engage allies and develop effective political coalitions to shape federal policies that impact Ohio.” 3/29/2018

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