Timmons: We Must Be the Solution

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons presented a keynote address to the Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit this week.

Regarding the problem of workforce shortages, Timmons said:  “As business leaders…we are in no position to sit back and say this is “someone else’s” problem.

We could blame the education system. We could blame politicians. We could blame outdated attitudes about manufacturing or career technical education.

But if America doesn’t transform the workforce and talent pipeline, we will have to blame ourselves. No one knows the problem better than we do. So no one is better equipped to help offer solutions and be partners for progress.

At the NAM, we firmly believe we (in manufacturing) must be the solution.”

He lauded manufacturing leaders in Ohio for stepping up to lead the development and deployment of solutions to the growing problem of workforce shortages.

“Parents and teachers,…they just want to steer young people toward jobs that will offer them stability and security and a future, especially in a world that is changing so, so rapidly.

Young people are looking for something that’s meaningful, challenging, cutting edge. The good news? We can answer all these priorities and concerns in manufacturing.

The challenge for us though…is getting that message across,” Timmons said.  11/2/2017