Republicans Retain Sizable Majorities in the General Assembly

Statehouse Democrats were able to gain ground on the significant House Republican majority but lost yet another seat in the Senate adding to the Republicans’ already record majority in that chamber.

While Ohio’s election season played out against the Washington D.C. backdrop, Statehouse Republicans were able to avoid the much anticipated “blue wave” that was sweeping through other states.

When the dust settled House Democrats were able to flip five seats, though they lost one for a net four-seat gain. Democrat House gains were clustered in suburban communities of large metropolitan areas. House Republicans were able to steal one more seat in the Mahoning Valley. The party makeup in the House of Representatives for the 133rd General Assembly looks to be 62 Republicans and 37 Democrats, down from the 66 supermajority Republicans held in the 132nd.

Senate Republicans were more successful, gaining a seat in the Mahoning Valley which, if confirmed, will add to their already-record majority. The 3rd Senate District appears set for mandatory recount with the Republicans leading. If all current winners hang on, for the 133rd General Assembly, Senate Republicans will hold a commanding 25–8 seat lead. 11/7/2018