OMA’s 2018 Ohio Election Guide Posted

Dear Fellow Ohioan:

Producing the Ohio Election Guide is a biennial tradition of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association going back more than two decades. The Guide is a highly anticipated resource around “Cap Square” and well beyond.

It is compiled to provide comprehensive information about our state, federal and key judicial candidates. And it is compiled to provide insights about Ohio’s House, Senate and Congressional districts.

Political Index—The updated 2018 political index incorporates six recent major elections and represents the district’s relative Republican/Democrat voting strength. The 2014 and 2016 indices are also provided to inform political-leaning shifts in the districts.

Updated demographic profile for each district—There are fresh district demographic data that can provide insight into the socioeconomic makeup of the citizen base in each district.

There continues to be no more pressing issue than the economic vitality of Ohio and the availability of good jobs for its citizens. The work of our elected leaders and officials contributes greatly to the social and economic environment in Ohio. We acknowledge their courage in undertaking the grave responsibilities of elected office and we thank them for working to protect our citizens and our democracy.

Please acknowledge the advertising organizations that make this project possible. The Ohio Election Guide is funded solely through the support of these friends of good government.

Finally, make your unique voice heard! Vote in the November 6th elections!




Scott J. Balogh
President & CEO
Mar-Bal, Inc.
Chairman, The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association