More “Good Jobs” for Non-B.A. Workers are in Manufacturing in Ohio

More than a quarter – 27% – of “good jobs” for non-bachelor-degreed workers can be found in manufacturing, above the national average of 16%, according to a new report from Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce in partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The report, “Good Jobs That Pay Without a BA: A State-by-State Analysis,” defines a “good job” as one paying $35,000 ($17 per hour for a full-time job) as the minimum earnings for those under age 45 and $45,000 ($22 per hour for a full-time job) for workers age 45 and older. In 2015, these good jobs had median earnings of $55,000 per year.

The share of non-degreed “good jobs” in Ohio that are in manufacturing¬†was 48%. Median earnings for those jobs was $56,000 a year. Ohio ranked 7th among the states in the number of goods jobs not requiring a BA with 1.1 million such jobs.¬†11/16/2017