Grant Funds Go to 68 Ohio Manufacturers for PPE Production

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted this week announced that $20 million in grant funding will be sent from the Development Services Agency to manufacturers for retooling and reshoring projects related to personal protective equipment (PPE). He said 68 Ohio manufacturers would receive awards worth up to $500,000. The grants are expected to create 829 new jobs and retain 1,133 existing positions. More than half of the awards went to businesses with fewer than 25 workers.

Earlier this year, the OMA worked with key partners to establish the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19 to help meet the demand for more PPE used by health care workers, first responders and essential employees. Lt. Gov. Husted said the lack of PPE was a contributing factor that led to a shutdown of many businesses and other activity. “We don’t want to find ourselves in this position again.” he said. 7/16/2020