Advanced Manufacturing Program Taking Proposals

Administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency the Advanced Manufacturing Program is now accepting proposals.

According to the department: “Advanced manufacturing projects supported through this Program must help Ohio firms to achieve: i) earlier entrance to market, ii) faster responses to changing customer needs, iii) higher quality or lower cost products or iv) improved efficiency, consistency and reliability.”

Projects must be one of two types:

Type 1 – Supply chain projects: This project type involves partnering with a large manufacturing firm to implement one or more related new technologies or processes across the small and medium sized manufacturers in a segment of the company’s supply chain.

Type 2 – Special projects in cyber-defense and internet-of-things: This project type involves the deployment of technologies to protect the manufacturing base from disruption by cyber-attack.

The Program is offering single awards in the amount of $100,000-$500,000. 2/13/2018