OMA Energy Group Weekly Briefing


Updates on PUCO, Policy Developments, Ratemaking Activity

One of the benefits of OMA Energy Group membership is timely, valuable information for energy managers and other manufacturing leaders. The OMA Energy Group Weekly Briefing ensures you are informed, so your company can take appropriate action when necessary.

What's in the Briefing?

Our weekly updates include actions taken by the OMA Energy Group in cases before Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to protect manufacturers’ interests. When applicable, the briefing includes information on ratemaking developments, recent legislative and policy-related activity, as well as actions taken by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and regional transmission organizations.

Briefing Background

The OMA Energy Group Weekly Briefing content is created by Carpenter Lipps LLP, the OMA Energy Group counsel. OMA Energy Group members have online access to the briefing archives.

This site contains confidential and privileged information pursuant to a confidentiality agreement and attorney-client privilege. OMA Energy Group members are asked to not distribute or share these briefings.

OMA Energy Group Weekly Briefing Archive (Members Only)

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