Sustainability Peer Network


Resources to Help Manufacturers Meet Sustainability Goals

The OMA’s Sustainability Peer Network (SPN) was created to support manufacturers, their sustainability goals, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

Sustainability Efforts in Manufacturing

Sustainability/ESG goals range from resource management (e.g., water conservation, emissions reduction, and solid waste elimination), to lifecycle product design, to managing impacts on employees and customer quality of life. The role for this OMA network has grown as sustainability/ESG management and reporting have grown in importance.

The OMA’s Sustainability Peer Network offers manufacturers the opportunity to network, learn, and share their goals, management and reporting practices, and projects.


What Else Does SPN Offer?

SPN members can participate in events, including tours of manufacturing facilities and informational in-person and online meetings. Plant tours showcase members’ sustainability goals, practices, and projects and provide peer-to-peer learning. Informational meetings focus on specific sustainability subject matter, offering a platform for expert insights and peer discussion.


Who Should Join?

Any OMA manufacturing member with responsibility for – or interest in – sustainability/ESG issues can join, including:

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    Corporate/plant sustainability managers

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    Operations staff with sustainability, energy, or environmental goals and projects

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    Energy managers and engineers

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    Plant engineers

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    Plant and facilities managers and staff

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    EH&S managers and staff

How to Join

Register to receive Sustainability Peer Network communications and event invitations.

Get Started

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