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Resources for Building Your Manufacturing Workforce

The OMA is driving innovative and collaborative workforce solutions to bring our members the talent they need. Whether you need to recruit, retain, or train your workforce, the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association. Join us as we nurture the current and future generations of manufacturing workers through manufacturing workforce development

OMA's Industry Sector Partnership Network

Since 2018, the OMA has created its visionary Workforce Roadmap while building a statewide network of Industry Sector Partnerships to guide and implement meaningful talent solutions.


OMA's Endorsed Sector Partnership Program

Led by employers, sector partnerships have proven effective nationwide. The OMA offers strategies and tools to help establish and successfully operate these partnerships, which address talent shortages at a local and regional level. To support partnerships, the OMA has created an endorsement program to attract funding and opportunities.

OMA's Workforce Tools and Resources Library

The OMA has curated a wealth of resources aimed at fostering the development of Ohio’s manufacturing workforce. From training materials for Ohio manufacturers to guides for industry sector partnerships, to innovative earn-and-learn strategies, our expertise provides the necessary insights and guidance to help elevate your workforce to new heights.


Access Your Workforce Development Dashboard

From recruiting justice-impacted individuals to developing a robotics and automation strategy, OMA Workforce Services has a wealth of resources available at My OMA. From the dashboard, you can:

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    Learn best practices in recruiting diverse populations

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    Download reports and watch recorded webinars

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    Access tools and resources curated by national workforce development experts

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