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Possible Setback for Common-sense Regulatory Reform

February 17, 2023

In what may be a possible setback for common-sense regulatory reform, a federal court has ordered the Biden administration’s U.S. EPA to reconsider a Trump-era decision reversing a rule that allows individuals to bring federal nuisance lawsuits against businesses under the Clean Air Act.

Without the 2020 rule change, citizen suits against manufacturing facilities would be allowed to continue, even when a facility is operating in accordance with its permit, or when the Ohio EPA has stated the facility did not operate as a nuisance.

The OMA led the Ohio business community in backing the 2020 rule change. For more, read this memo from Bricker & Eckler, the OMA’s general counsel. 2/16/2023

More on U.S. EPA’s Proposal for Stricter Air Mandates

February 17, 2023

As reported earlier, the U.S. EPA is considering a rule to impose stricter air standards on particulate matter known as PM2.5. This development comes as PM2.5 levels in the U.S. have dropped 44% since 2000 — and throughout Ohio, as reported by Ohio EPA.

On Feb. 21-23, the U.S. EPA will hold a hearing on its proposal. The OMA is pushing back against this unnecessary change, which would hinder manufacturing operations. Concerned members have multiple opportunities to engage. Contact OMA staff to learn how.

Also, OMA members can use this communication tool to directly email key decision makers in D.C. 2/16/2023

Webinar: Get Recognized for Environmental Stewardship

February 17, 2023

Ohio EPA is urging manufacturers to learn more about the agency’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) program, which recognizes businesses for exceptional achievements in environmental stewardship. The E3 program has spotlighted the efforts of many OMA members.

Register now for the agency’s March 2 webinar, which will guide businesses through the E3 application. 2/13/2023

Ohio EPA Seeks Input on Title V Permitting Rule Changes

February 17, 2023

Ohio EPA is requesting input on its updates and five-year review of permitting rules under Title V of the Clean Air Act. Title V requires each state to develop an emission fee program for major sources of air pollution. Sources must annually certify compliance with the terms of their permit.

The rules and other supporting documents can be found here. Email Lindsey Short at the OMA by March 6 if you are impacted by these rules or have input/suggestions for changes. 2/15/2023

Update on GHG Reporting for Federal Contractors

February 17, 2023

OMA Connections Partner Thompson Hine has published this update on a proposed rule to require federal contractors to disclose greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate-related financial risk. The rule would force contractors (with at least $50 million in contract obligations in the prior fiscal year) to annually disclose their GHG emissions. 2/13/2023

OMA Members Urged to Oppose U.S. EPA’s Latest Proposed Air Regulations

February 10, 2023

The U.S. EPA is considering a rule to impose stricter air standards on particulate matter known as PM2.5, even though PM2.5 levels in the U.S. have dropped 44% since 2000. To push back against this unnecessary change, the OMA is working closely with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), which says the rule would force manufacturers to change their operations abruptly.

Read the full story on this development.

On Feb. 21, the U.S. EPA will hold a hearing on the proposal. To participate, sign up here before Feb. 16.

Also, OMA members can support manufacturing interests by using this communication tool to email to key decision makers in D.C. 2/9/2023

Ohio EPA Seeks Input on Emissions Rules

February 10, 2023

Ohio EPA is requesting stakeholder input on its rules for control of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon monoxide (CO) from stationary emission sources.

Please email the OMA’s Lindsey Short by Feb. 24 if you are impacted by these rules or have any input/suggestions for future rule changes. 2/9/2023

Ohio EPA Compliance Webinar, Feb. 16

February 10, 2023

Ohio EPA will be conducting a Feb. 16 webinar to highlight the agency’s free and confidential compliance assistance services. These services can keep businesses out of trouble and save them money. Learn more and register for this complimentary webinar. 2/9/2023

New Ohio EPA Director Will Focus on H2Ohio Expansion

February 10, 2023

Anne Vogel, the new Ohio EPA director, has told news media that the expansion of H2Ohio — Gov. Mike DeWine’s clean water initiative — will be a priority as she begins her leadership at the agency. The governor’s new budget recommends $31.35 million per year for OEPA to expand H2Ohio.

Vogel told Gongwer News Service she also wants Ohio to be ready to capture a share of the U.S. EPA’s “historic $370 billion infusion for climate change mitigation efforts,” authorized by the Inflation Reduction Act. 2/6/2023

DeWine Budget Seeks Funding Boost for H2Ohio

February 3, 2023

Under Gov. Mike DeWine’s FY2024-25 budget, H2Ohio — the administration’s water quality initiative — would see $307.2 million in funding over the biennium, up from $172 million under current levels.

According to Gongwer News Service, much of the new spending would be tied to an H2Ohio Rivers Initiative outlined in the State of the State address. 2/2/2023