Utilities Oppose Consumer Protection Reforms

Three of Ohio’s four electricity utilities this week testified in opposition to HB 247, a bill that would reform Ohio’s electric utility regulatory laws that have led to above-market charges on customers. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R-Mansfield).

The bill would allow customers to obtain refunds of charges overturned by the courts (refunds are currently prohibited!), would eliminate a type of rate case (Electric Security Plans) that has become the vehicle for massive non-bypassible riders on customers’ bills (with no customer benefit), and would require the separation of distribution and generation assets of the utilities (as envisioned by the electricity restructuring bill, SB 3, in 1999).

You can read the testimony from AEP here, Duke here and DPL here.

Protect energy markets and your company and family from unwarranted and excessive utility bills; urge your state representative to support HB 247. 12/14/2017