Romanchuk Briefs OMA Members on HB 6 Repeal and Reform Legislation

This week, Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario) addressed a joint meeting of the OMA’s Government Affairs Committee and Energy Committee. Romanchuck briefed members on House Bill 772, legislation he has introduced to repeal and reform provisions of Ohio’s energy law that have been negatively affected by what he called “the HB 6 debacle.”

OMA staff has produced this two-page document to summarize HB 772 and why it’s needed.

According to Rep. Romanchuk, Ohio has continued to subsidize electric generation despite the enactment of deregulation legislation (SB 3) more than two decades ago. He said Ohio needs to return to market-driven energy policy. OMA staff stressed that a strong, unified manufacturing coalition will be needed to pass HB 772. 10/7/2020