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Cleveland-Cliffs Looks to Hydrogen

November 10, 2023

Cleveland-Cliffs plans to convert its Cleveland Works facility to run on hydrogen, according to reports. Echoing a theme from his speech at last September’s OMA energy conference, Lourenco Goncalves, Cliffs’ chairman and CEO, told Crain’s Cleveland Business his plan is based on the federal government’s $7 billion investment into multiple hydrogen hubs. 11/6/2023

Webinar: Tax Credits for Renewable Electricity Production

November 10, 2023

On Nov. 30, OMA Connections Partner Plante Moran will host a complimentary webinar to discuss federal tax credits for electricity production from clean and renewable resources as authorized by the Inflation Reduction Act. Learn more and register. 11/9/2023

Utilities Seek to Muzzle OMA Expert Regarding OVEC Subsidies and Ties to House Bill 6

November 3, 2023

As previously reported, Ohioans have over the years paid an estimated $400 million in subsidies to a pair of 1950s-era coal plants, one of which is in Indiana. By 2030, that total is expected to grow to $850 million, according to a study conducted for the OMA.

These facilities are operated by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC), which is partly owned by Duke Energy Ohio, AES Ohio, and AEP Ohio.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is conducting an audit proceeding to examine OVEC’s customer-funded subsidies, codified in 2019 as part of the scandal-plagued House Bill 6. The OMA Energy Group is leading the fight to disallow all OVEC subsidies collected from customers during 2020. Subject-matter expertise is being provided by the OMA’s energy engineering consultant, John Seryak of RunnerStone LLC.

This week, Duke, AES Ohio, and AEP Ohio filed a motion to strike key portions of Seryak’s written testimony discussing the HB 6 scandal, the involvement of former PUCO Chair Sam Randazzo, and how HB 6 authorized the OVEC subsidy. If the utilities get their way, Seryak would be prohibited from providing approximately half of testimony he had prepared for the PUCO’s consideration.

Stay tuned for updates on this development. 11/2/2023

Ohio Bill Would Deem Nuclear Energy ‘Green’

November 3, 2023

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the Ohio House to categorize nuclear power as a green energy source. In this story, Gongwer News Service notes House Bill 308 has seven Democrats listed as cosponsors. The bill’s introduction comes after Ohio and other states have recently deemed natural gas as “green” or “clean” energy. 10/30/23

Michigan Moves Toward Strict Renewable Mandates

November 3, 2023

Senate Democrats in Michigan’s legislature have passed a package of clean energy bills that are drawing anger from Republicans who call them economically irresponsible. Among the provisions in the legislation is a statewide 50% renewable electricity mandate by 2030. That requirement would grow to 60% by 2035. Read more. 10/30/2023

OMA Energy Group Urges Reversal of Power Siting Board’s Decision

October 27, 2023

Last year, the Ohio Power Siting Board rejected Birch Solar LLC’s request to construct a generation facility in Auglaize County. The decision reflects a troubling trend in which the board has denied siting applications for large-scale generation projects.

The board has based its decisions on perceived local opposition, without regard to the legitimacy or strength of the opposition, evidence presented at hearings, or benefits the projects could bring to electric customers.

The OMA Energy Group has filed this brief in support of Birch Solar’s appeal to the Supreme Court of Ohio. The OMAEG is asking the court to reverse the siting board’s order, which would negatively impact Ohio’s generation resource mix, local generation needs, and grid reliability. 10/25/2023

Infographic: EV Batteries Costs

October 27, 2023

Visual Capitalist has published this infographic to illustrate the different costs of EV battery cells on popular vehicles.

Meanwhile, China says it will require export permits for certain graphite products — the latest move by that country to curb shipments of minerals needed for the EV transition. Reuters reports that graphite is the largest EV battery component by weight, and China is the world’s top graphite producer. 10/24/2023

U.S. Petroleum Reserve Hits Historic Low

October 27, 2023

The U.S. has just 17 days worth of oil in its Strategic Petroleum Reserve, reports say. The diminished reserve limits the ability of the federal government to contain future price spikes if geopolitical developments bring higher oil prices. 10/23/2023

Feds Seek to Boost Hydrogen Efforts

October 20, 2023

Around $7 billion in federal funds will be made available to seven hubs nationwide to accelerate the production of hydrogen, the U.S. Department of Energy announced last week. The Appalachian Hydrogen Hub, which includes projects in Ohio, is among the funding recipients, according to reports.

The hubs are intended to power industrial facilities.

The Nov. 1 meeting of the OMA Environment Committee will provide more details about this development, as will the Dec. 7 meeting of the OMA Energy Committee. 10/16/23

Ohio Breaks Ground on First NEVI Charging Station

October 20, 2023

Ohio is the first state to break ground on an electric vehicle charging station built as part of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program, according to Gov. Mike DeWine. Last summer, Ohio became the first state to announce the future sites of its first round of EV charging stations. 10/18/2023