Mad Dash On for Energy Standards?

Said to be a top priority for the Ohio Senate back in January, House Bill 114, the legislative package to revise the state’s alternative energy requirements, languished until mid-May, at which time, the Senate unveiled numerous changes. As it stands, the pending legislation is a mixed bag for Ohio manufacturers.

Significant controversy has resulted from a Senate amendment to relax the current restrictions governing the siting of wind turbines.

Additionally, a witness for AEP appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week to take issue with a provision the Senate included to introduce competition into energy efficiency projects. Currently, all such energy savings programs are administered by one of Ohio’s four monopoly electric distribution utilities. In testimony on June 6, a witness from competitive retail electric supplier IGS appeared to make the case for expanded competition of energy efficiency programs to better benefit customers.

Eyes will be on the Senate next week to see if the committee approves the bill and sends it to the Senate floor before the start of the General Assembly’s summer recess. 6/21/2018