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Senate Banking Committee Rejects Garrett

December 21, 2017

The Senate Banking Committee this week voted to reject Scott Garrett to lead the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), heeding industry’s concerns about Garrett’s intentions with respect to the financial institution that supports U.S. exports.

OMA and manufacturers have been on the record about their opposition to Garrett due to his historic lack of support for the institution.

Meanwhile, the committee approved Ex-Im Bank nominees Kimberly A. Reed as first vice president of the bank; Spencer Bachus III, Judith DelZoppo Pryor and Claudia Slacik to board members; and Mark L. Greenblatt to the bank’s inspector general. These nominations will now move to the full Senate for approval.

This is more good news for manufacturing this week. Our thanks to Sen. Sherrod Brown, ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee. 12/20/2017

Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project Update

December 21, 2017

The Gateway Modernization Project is one piece of an effort by the State of Ohio to lead the way in technological innovation in government services.

Prior to the Modernization Project, the Gateway had not undergone a major technology upgrade in several years, resulting in a disjointed user experience and sub-optimal performance. 

Here’s a progress report on this major improvement project. 12/20/2017

Manufacturer Optimism at All Time High

December 15, 2017

This week the National Association of Manufacturers released the fourth quarter results of its Manufacturers’ Outlook survey, a survey of its members, showing that manufacturers’ confidence in the economy is at an all-time high. 

Additionally, the survey showcases the importance for tax reform toward economic growth.

Here are some of the survey findings:

  • 94.6% said they are positive about their own company’s outlook. This is a record high for the 20+ years that this survey has been performed.
  • 63% said comprehensive business tax reform would encourage their company to increase capital spending.
  • 58% said they would expand their businesses if the tax reform package passed.
  • 57.9% said they would hire more workers if the tax reform package passed.

Here’s more from the survey. 12/13/2017

Manufacturing Gets Media Shout Out

December 15, 2017

Cleveland CBS affiliate News 19 ran this nice story about Northeast Ohio manufacturing featuring OMA member Jack Schron, Jr., President, Jergens, Inc., Cleveland. 12/13/2017

Recreational Marijuana Headed for 2018 Ballot?

December 15, 2017

Ohioans may be voting to legalize recreational marijuana next fall. The proposal would be sponsored by a company that lost out on one of the state’s medical marijuana grow licenses. Jimmy Gould and Ian James, backers of the failed 2015 recreational legalization measure, are prepared to move ahead with the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Amendment.”

Gould outlined the proposal in a press conference this week and announced that a draft amendment is planned for a January roll out. Generally, the proposal would have recreational marijuana production and sales regulated similarly to liquor regulation in Ohio. In addition, the plan would allow people 21 and older to grow up to four marijuana plants per household.

The pair spent more than $20 million on the 2015 campaign and said they were prepared to spend millions in 2018. 12/14/2018

Supreme Court of Ohio Dust Up May Result in GOP Advantage

December 15, 2017

Supreme Court of Ohio Justice William O’Neill, a Democrat, announced earlier this autumn that he would run for governor in 2018. Justice O’Neill is barred from re-election to the Supreme Court due to age limits.

Upon announcing his gubernatorial aspiration, Justice O’Neill was prompted to recuse himself from all pending court rulings. More recently Justice O’Neill became embroiled in controversy stemming from social media statements he made. This, combined with his intent to remain a compensated member of the high court throughout the 2018 campaign, has prompted various parties to call for his immediate resignation. 

In the past week, Justice O’Neill has promised to resign by January 26; Ohio legislative leaders have pledged to begin removal proceedings.

If O’Neill does leave the court, Governor Kasich will have an opportunity to fill the vacancy by appointment. Top contenders are Judge Craig Baldwin and Judge Mary DeGenaro, both of whom were recently endorsed by the Ohio GOP as candidates in the 2018 Supreme Court election next fall. 12/14/2017

Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained

December 15, 2017

McKinsey continues its study of the “future of work” with a new report, “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation.” 

The firm looks at trends with an eye for possible outcomes from 2016 to 2030, when perhaps one third of the American workforce will be forced to gain new skills to find new work. The study finds a global job dislocation of between 400 and 800 million people.

“Faced with the scale of worker transitions we have described, one reaction could be to try to slow the pace and scope of adoption in an attempt to preserve the status quo. While this may limit the workforce transitions, it would affect the contributions that these technologies make to business dynamism and economic growth, via the contribution to productivity growth, and which in turn leads to jobs growth and prosperity,” write the researchers.

McKinsey’s call to action: “We should embrace these technologies but also address the workforce transitions and challenges they bring. In many countries, this may require an initiative on the scale of the Marshall Plan involving sustained investment, new training models, programs to ease worker transitions, income support, and collaboration between the public and private sectors.” 12/14/2017

OMA Board Gives Legacy Award to Kurt Tunnell

December 8, 2017

At its meeting this week, the OMA board of directors gave Kurt Tunnell, managing partner, Bricker & Eckler, its Legacy Award for his long service to the OMA and its board.

Kurt has been the OMA’s general counsel since 1995. Kurt is stepping down from Bricker at the end of January.

Christopher Slagle of Bricker will become OMA’s general counsel. 12/5/2017

Pictured: Scott Balogh, president & CEO, Mar-Bal, Inc. and OMA chairman, Kurt Tunnel, and OMA president Eric Burkland

Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Taylor Visits OMA Board

December 8, 2017


The OMA Board of Directors this week met with Lt. Governor Mary Taylor who is one of three GOP candidates for Ohio governor in 2018.

Directors listened to the candidate’s plans and vision for Ohio. Taylor responded to directors’ questions about the issues that impact manufacturing competitiveness including workforce development, taxes, regulation and energy costs. 12/6/2017

Cordray Makes it Official

December 8, 2017

After months of speculation the former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray announced his candidacy for Ohio Governor. Mr. Cordray, who is a democrat previously served as both Ohio Treasurer and Attorney General. Politicos long thought that Cordray would eventually return to Ohio and enter the race for Governor.

Cordray faces state Sen. Joe Schiavoni, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, former U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton, former state Rep. Connie Pillich and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill for the democratic primary next year. 12/7/2017