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USMCA Trade Fact Sheet

October 5, 2018

The Office of the United States Trade Representative released a brief fact sheet on the provisions of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that affect U.S. manufacturing.

Read it here. 10/3/2018

OMA Board Opposes State Issue 1

September 28, 2018

The OMA board of directors this week voted to oppose State Issue 1, a Constitutional Amendment that appears on the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot entitled “To Reduce Penalties for Crimes of Obtaining, Possessing, and Using Illegal Drugs.”

In a statement, OMA president Eric Burkland said: “Ohio’s manufacturers care deeply about the safety of their employees. Issue 1 has the potential to undermine workplace safety due to new relaxed criminal drug sentencing laws. If Issue 1 passes, Ohio will have some of the country’s most lenient criminal drug laws. With drugs already posing a significant challenge in the workplace, manufacturers need laws that protect, not endanger, workers and their workplaces and productivity.

“Additionally, the amendment would make it more difficult for judges to connect offenders to rehabilitation services.

“In Ohio, criminal sentencing reform should be accomplished in statute via the state’s legislative processes. Issue 1 would inappropriately enshrine criminal sentencing in Ohio’s Constitution. The Ohio General Assembly could not pass laws to change Issue 1. Only another constitutional amendment and statewide election could modify Issue 1.

“For these reasons, the OMA Board of Directors opposes State Issue 1.”

Concerned manufacturers can learn more about defeating Issue 1 at this website or by contacting OMA’s Ryan Augsburger. 9/25/2018

OMA Board Elects Barry and Shaver

September 28, 2018

The OMA board of directors has elected two new members.

Elizabeth M. (Lissa) Barry is the president and chief executive officer of Delta Systems, Inc., in Streetsboro. She has been a board member of the company since 1995, became present in 2005, and assumed the additional role of CEO in 2007. Lissa received her B.A. in Economics from Middlebury College and her M.B.A. from Fordham University. She resides in Hunting Valley.

John W. Shaver is the plant manager of the P&G, Lima facility. His tenure with P&G began in 1995 as a technical engineer. Most recently he was the site leader of the Kansas City manufacturing plant. John received his B.S. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Tennessee.

Scott Balogh, OMA chairman of the board and president and CEO of Mar-Bal, Inc., said, “The OMA’s board has incredible depth and talent and is a competitive advantage for all of Ohio manufacturers. We’re looking forward to working with Lissa and John.” 9/26/2018

The Latest Candidate Updates

September 21, 2018

We just updated our online version of the 2018 Ohio Election Guide to reflect the latest candidate replacements, going into the November 6 general election.

You can access the online version of the Guide here.

You can find out more about your current elected officials and your district here. 9/17/2018

First Gubernatorial Debate Gets Testy

September 21, 2018

Gubernatorial candidates Rich Cordray and Mike DeWine squared off in a first of three debates this week. The two genuinely nice men got a little testy.

Watch videos of the event. 9/202018

Check Out Ohio’s MFG Day Web Page!

September 21, 2018

Manufacturers across the country use MFG Day as an opportunity to inspire and recruit the next generation of manufacturers.

Find events in Ohio here!

There’s still time to register your own MFG Day event. Click here! 9/20/2018

Having a Ball with Manufacturing!

September 21, 2018

Carolyn Lee, president of NAM’s Manufacturing Institute, this week announced a cool new tool for engaging students in manufacturing:

“The Manufacturing Institute, the social impact arm of the NAM, and PTC, our national partner sponsor for MFG Day, are releasing today a first-of-its-kind comic book and app to help kids to see the future of modern manufacturing and experience augmented reality.

“App users will be able to manufacture a drone from design to assembly. To see a video of how the app works, or download the Smart MFG app, visit PTC.com/SmartMFG. Add another dimension for students to your MFG Day event.”

Students will use the app and comic book to follow the story of superheroes manufacturing a drone. They’ll solve everyday challenges in manufacturing by making decisions about product design, retooling the factory, and performing service on a robot that is unexpectedly in need of repair.


What a ball! 9/20/2018

Ford CEO Hackett Headlines Midwestern Governors Meeting

September 21, 2018

Host Governor John Kasich welcomed London, Ohio native Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford Motor Company to the Midwestern Governors Association meeting held at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus this week.

Hackett’s remarks were focused on how automated technologies will deliver more efficient and safer mobility options. The Ford chief executive highlighted the importance of 5G networks – the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications – together with considerations for data, trust and privacy. 9/20/2018

Governor Kasich hosted the Midwestern Governors Association meeting in Columbus this week. Ford CEO and Ohio native Jim Hackett was the keynote speaker.

OMA Government Affairs Committee Met in Cleveland

September 14, 2018

The OMA’s Government Affairs Committee was hosted this week in Cleveland by OMA member Parker Hannifin.

This was in response to member requests for more regional events.

Justice Mary DeGenaro addressed committee members. DeGenaro was appointed to the Supreme Court of Ohio by Gov. Kasich after Justice William O’Neill resigned earlier this year. She is running this fall to maintain her seat on the bench. The OMA-PAC has endorsed Justice DeGenaro as well as Judge Craig Baldwin, who is seeking an open seat on the Supreme Court. Baldwin currently serves on the Fifth District Court of Appeals. 9/13/2018

Supreme Court of Ohio Justice Mary DeGenaro addresses OMA Government Affairs Committee, hosted by Parker Hannifn.

Chief Justice O’Connor Cites ‘Catastrophic’ Effects if State Issue 1 Passes this Fall

September 7, 2018

Supreme Court of Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has issued a statement on State Issue 1, a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would reduce penalties for crimes of obtaining, possessing, and using illegal drugs.

She writes: “Too many people in our criminal justice system are there because of substance abuse disorders. This is undeniable. We know that substance abuse disorders are a major driver in criminal justice spending. We also know that through long-term treatment and therapy, those addicted can lead law-abiding, productive lives.

“Issue 1 on Ohio’s November 6 ballot purports to address this problem by reducing drug possession penalties and directing the savings from reduced incarcerations to expanded drug treatment and resources for crime victims. A superficial reading of Issue 1 could lead voters to see it as a thoughtful, compassionate, and reasonable response to a difficult and intractable problem. It seems so, until you peel back its layers and see that it will have catastrophic consequences for our state. If Issue 1 passes, Ohio may have some of the most lenient drug crime laws in the nation. We could easily become a magnet for substance abuse activity because there will be, in effect, very little consequence to engaging in such behavior.”

Read Justice O’Connor’s entire statement.

Visit the Secretary of State website for more information about the issue. 9/6/2018