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Where are the Workforce Resources?

October 13, 2017

Right here! Check out our Manufacturers’ Workforce Supplier Connections Directory!

Need help recruiting and/or training qualified workers for your manufacturing facility?

We have researched organizations and institutions across Ohio that offer workforce services for Ohio’s manufacturers.

Search for them by name, category, region and key word here. 10/9/2017

Minimum Wage in Ohio to Increase January 1, 2018

October 6, 2017

OMA Connections Partner, Bricker & Eckler, posted: “Effective January 1, 2018, the minimum wage in Ohio will be $8.30 per hour for non-tipped employees. The state’s minimum wage applies to non-tipped employees at businesses with gross annual receipts of more than $305,000 per year, an increase from the current threshold of $299,000.

“For tipped employees, the new minimum wage will be $4.15 per hour. For people who work at companies with gross receipts below $305,000, and for 14- and 15-year-olds, the minimum wage will be the federal rate of $7.25 per hour.

“Employers are required to post the minimum wage and overtime information in a conspicuous place, such as an employee break room, HR office that can be accessed by employees or other common space.

“A free downloadable copy of the poster is available here.” 10/3/2017

‘Pay or Play’ Coverage Penalties Remain in Effect

October 6, 2017

Despite recent attempts in Congress to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and President Trump’s executive order calling for executive agencies to minimize the ACA’s regulatory burden, penalties for failing to comply with the ACA’s employer shared responsibility (“pay or play”) provisions remain in effect.

In general, an applicable large employer (ALE), generally one with at least 50 full-time employees, will owe a “pay or play” coverage penalty for calendar year 2017 under either of these scenarios:

  • The ALE does not offer coverage to at least 95% of its full-time employees (and their dependents), and at least one full-time employee receives a premium tax credit to purchase individual coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Under this scenario, the ALE will generally owe a penalty of $2,260 per full-time employee.
  • The ALE offers coverage to at least 95% of its full-time employees (and their dependents), but at least one full-time employee receives a premium tax credit to purchase individual coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace because he or she was not offered coverage that was affordable or provided minimum value, as defined by federal regulations. Under this scenario, the ALE will generally owe a penalty of $3,390 for each full-time employee that received a premium tax credit.

Questions? Please contact OMA Connections Partner, Cheri Gillfillan or Stacie Hoover of One Source Advisors, at (614) 822-0212. 10/2/2017

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Program – Application Process for FY ’18 Funds Underway

September 29, 2017

Online applications for the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Voucher program are now available. The program is designed to offset a portion of employers’ costs to upgrade the skills of its incumbent workforce. Eligible employers demonstrate that by receiving funding assistance through the program their business will not only obtain a skilled workforce but will improve their company processes and competitiveness.

Eligible applicants will be able to qualify for up to $25,000 in assistance. FY ’18 awards will reimburse training that begins and is completed between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

Online applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and can be submitted on October 12, 2017 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Here is more information about the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program. For assistance, contact Shannon Vanderpool at (614) 644-8560. 9/25/2017

Drug-free Workplace Opportunity for Employers in Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin & Montgomery Counties

September 22, 2017

OMA Connections Partner, Working Partners®, is working with these five counties’ Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health (ADAMH) Boards to provide full scholarships (valued at approximately $2,500) for employers to attend a drug-free workplace technical assistance class.

In addition to in-depth and practical education, attendees will leave that class with a customized and comprehensive drug-free workplace policy/program for their organizations.

This is an important opportunity for businesses that either have no policy or that haven’t updated their policies in the last year or so. (Lots has changed in the world of drug-free workplace!)

Contact Katie Lemke at Working Partners® to learn more or apply; the number is (614) 337-8200. 9/21/2017

Judge Strikes Down Obama-Era Overtime Rule

September 8, 2017

OMA Connections Partner, Roetzel, posted: “On Thursday, August 31, 2017, Judge Amos Mazzant struck down the Obama administration’s overtime rule that would have extended mandatory overtime pay to more than four million U.S. workers. Specifically, the rule would have doubled the threshold for exempting “executive, administrative, and professional” workers from overtime pay. This is the latest blow to the rule, which has been battered since shortly before it was scheduled to go into effect.”

And: “Although the current version of the rule may never take effect, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and the DOL have indicated that a revised rule is being considered. In July, the DOL issued a request for information seeking public feedback that will aid the DOL in formulating a revised rule. The 60-day public comment period will end in late September. ”

Read more from Roetzel here. 9/5/2017

Employment Authorization Issues Related to DACA Rescission

September 8, 2017

OMA Connections Partner, Barnes & Thornburg, posts this about recent immigration legal activity: “On Sept. 5, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began an “orderly wind down” of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA, and a related program, Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), were created by executive order of President Barack Obama in 2012. As the result of a lawsuit brought by several states against the DAPA program, DAPA was rescinded after courts determined that legal and constitutional problems existed with the program.

“In June 2017, several states informed the U.S. Attorney General that if the DACA program also was not rescinded by Sept. 5, the lawsuit would be amended to include the DACA program. Attorney General Jeff Sessions conducted a review and determined that the DACA program was created in a similar manner, and had similar “legal and constitutional defects.” Sessions determined that courts would likely find problems similar to those found with the DAPA program, and lead to similar results. In complying with the Sept. 5 deadline, Sessions directed an “orderly wind down” of the program, rather than an immediate termination. …

“For employer purposes, this means that employment authorization documents (EADs) based on DACA status and used for I-9 verification purposes continues to be valid up to the expiration date on the EAD (but not beyond, absent additional documentation). Because DACA was a deferral of action against those considered unlawfully present, this deferral from enforcement actions will end upon the end date of each individual’s DACA authorization – absent further action by Congress.”

More from Barnes & Thornburg here. 9/6/2017

Employers Must Use New I-9 Form Starting September 18

September 8, 2017

OMA Connections Partner, Dinsmore, reminds employers that a new version of the Form I-9 is to be used starting September 18, 2017: “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published a revised version of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.  Starting September 18, 2017, employers will no longer be allowed to use prior editions of the I-9 form and must use the version that bears a 7/17/2017 revision date.”

Read more from Dinsmore here. 9/7/2017

New EEO-1 Form Halted by OMB

September 1, 2017

Manufacturers have another victory in labor policy as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) officially halted the previous administration’s changes to the EEO-1 Form.

In a memorandum from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator, Naomi Rao, to Acting Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Victoria Lipnic, OMB initiated an “immediate stay of the effectiveness of those aspects of the EEO-1 form that were revised on September 29, 2016.”

The revised form would have required businesses with more than 100 employees to report employee pay data and would have significantly increased the complexity of the form employers already submit on an annual basis. Administrator Rao noted in the memorandum that “OMB is concerned that some aspects of the revised collection of information lack practical utility, are unnecessarily burdensome, and do not adequately address privacy and confidentiality issues.”

As a result of this action, the previously approved EEO-1 form will continue to be valid. 8/30/2017

OMA Helps Launch “MakerMinded” in Ohio

August 25, 2017

This week, the OMA helped launch in Ohio a new program, “MakerMinded,” designed to engage students in pathways to manufacturing careers.

“The MakerMinded campaign helps impassion students about advanced manufacturing and provides them with transformational STEM learning experiences that set them on track towards advanced manufacturing careers,” states the launch release.

“MakerMinded’s online platform will connect Ohio’s middle and high school students to over 150 leading-edge STEM and advanced manufacturing education experiences, while galvanizing participating students and schools around a student-driven, pro-manufacturing campaign and competition. The platform’s goal is to provide students access to the right programs that will encourage and prepare them for further education and careers in advanced manufacturing.”

MakerMinded will be a terrific way for manufacturers to engage with schools and kids in fun and rewarding hands-on learning opportunities. 8/23/2017