We’ve Lost a Dear Friend


With the passing of George Voinovich, we’ve lost Ohio manufacturing’s greatest advocate, and a dear friend. The most successful politician in the state’s history (forty years of service at the local, state and federal level), Senator Voinovich was a good man, in every sense of those words.  He led with conviction, caring and high standards.  And, good old fashioned Buckeye hard work. The OMA worked closely with Senator Voinovich throughout his public career, and continued to do so after his retirement (he never stopped working).  Senator Voinovich worked hard to grow Ohio’s industrial economy at each of his jobs.  He focused on attracting manufacturing investment and creating manufacturing jobs.  And, he got things done. Those of us that work for and through the OMA are greatly saddened with the Senator’s passing.  It was a great privilege to work with him, and a great joy to share in the work of some of his accomplishments.  We’ve lost a dear friend, but not the things, so many things, that he built in his lifetime.