There’s Never a Bad Time to Review LOTO


BWC’s Cari Gray, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist, recently blogged on the importance of an effective lockout/tagout (LOTO) program: “The importance of locking out can’t be shouted loud enough. There are too many examples of workers not using lockout with horrific consequences. The 18-year-old caught in a large shredder. A 50-something accidentally pulled into a washer. The maintenance worker electrocuted while changing a live outlet at a nursing home. Unfortunately, I could go on for hours. Accidents can strike any industry, any age and any employee skill level. If a company’s management doesn’t take lockout/tagout seriously, neither will workers. “Don’t feel helpless if you don’t have a program or you’re worried yours isn’t up to par. Our Division of Safety & Hygiene offers classes, videos and expert safety consultants to help you develop or evaluate your program. Just contact them!” In addition, OMA’s safety webinar on May 4 is Reviewing the Lockout/Tagout OSHA Standard. Register here.  4/13/2017