The State’s In-Demand Jobs List Updated


This month, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation released an updated version of Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs List, which contains the top 266 occupations forecasted by Ohio employers, labor market data, job posting trends, and regional forecasts from JobsOhio’s targeted industries. To qualify as “in-demand”, an occupation will typically meet the following criteria (at the state level, not the individual company level):

  • Pay greater than or equal to $13.47 per hour AND
  • Have greater than or equal to 230 projected annual openings OR
  • Have projected annual growth of 50 or more openings

The In-Demand Survey is used statewide to guide workforce development, training, and education efforts to align with the needs of employers. The state has an ongoing survey for employers to identify in-demand jobs. To participate in the ongoing survey, please email here with your name and contact information to be sent a unique link to participate. 7/13/2017