The Fight for Your $15 Billion


The stage is set for battles at the Ohio Statehouse to roll back electricity deregulation.  In one corner are two major Ohio utilities and in the other corner are the consumers and independent power plant producers.  In an environment of historically low energy prices and generation technology advancements, the traditional utility generators simply cannot compete. So rather than trying to compete they would like their good old fashioned monopoly back.  But what would such a move mean to consumers of energy in Ohio? In the first known study of its kind, Cleveland State University in partnership with The Ohio State University attempted to quantify the impact electric deregulation has had on Ohio consumers. The 60-plus page study concludes that over the course of the past five years, electric deregulation has saved Ohio consumers $15 billion and is expected to continue at this same pace for the next five years. Read more here. Every month OMA’s Energy Guide writes a good blog about energy management and procurement.  Go to My OMA to subscribe.  12/8/2016