State Ends Fiscal Year in Good Shape


Unlike some other states that are experiencing budget shortfalls (look east to Pennsylvania and west to Illinois), Ohio ended FY16 in good shape.  Revenues were a little down for the fiscal year ending June 30, but so were expenditures, by a lot more. Revenues fell just 1 percent below estimates: a total of $21.8 billion came in compared to the $22.0 billion predicted.  Compared to FY15, the state brought in $415.7 million more in FY16. Spending was below estimates for FY16 by about $1.2 billion.  Medicaid accounted for nearly $925.9 million of that amount. Primary and second education spending was below estimates by $74.5 million while health and human services spending is down $59.7 million. Medicaid spending was up $2.1 billion in state and federal funds from FY15.  Through June of 2015, nearly $14.9 billion was spent on Medicaid; through June 2016, a total of nearly $17.0 billion was spent.