Senate Raids WC Funds


To help fill a hole in the state operating budget, the Senate would raid the budgets of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Industrial Commission, budgets paid for by employer premiums and assessments, not taxes. “This language sets an extremely dangerous precedent of allowing the state to “raid” the budgets of these exclusively employer-funded agencies. Unlike the main operating budget, appropriations for the BWC and IC operations are funded entirely by employer premiums and assessments. This amendment is asking Ohio’s employers to subsidize all state operations in the form of their BWC premium payments,” wrote the OMA, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses and Council of Retail Merchants in a letter to legislative leaders, asking that the raid be stopped. “We are very concerned this language gives this and future administrations the go-ahead to siphon funds when budget shortfalls occur. There could also be a legal issue with directing funds to the GRF (general revenue fund) that are constitutionally set for the treatment of injured workers and promotion of safer workplaces,” said the business groups. 6/22/2017