School “Report Card Chaos”


The state recently released testing results for Ohio’s schools and school districts.  Scores dropped dramatically from prior years, causing confusion and uncertainty for parents and communities. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has built comparative databases, and narrative, to help us all better understand what’s happened and how our schools stack up. Click here to find a comparison of your district’s scores to all the scores across the state. Click here to see a calculation of how your school has performed on state tests the last five years, compared to the average scores of other schools. And, learn how Ohio reached “report card chaos” here. The paper advises:  “Don’t look for grades or for how many points more or less your school scored. Scoring has changed so much from year to year that a direct comparison is hard. These charts instead give a statistical look at how much scores deviated from the average test results statewide in each of those years.”  9/26/2016