Potential UAW Strike Threatens Ohio Economy


The United Auto Workers is currently negotiating a new labor agreement with key auto manufacturers. Toledo UAW members voted overwhelmingly this week to authorize a strike after the current contract expires Sept. 14. According to reports, analysts say the probability of a walkout is high. The union’s list of demands include a pay raise of more than 40% as well as implementation of a 32-hour work week. A strike would have major implications for Ohio’s economy. The Buckeye State produces more auto parts than any other state, and is No. 2 in the U.S. for assembly of automobiles. Nationwide, a strike against the “Big Three” auto manufacturers would mean an economic loss of $5.6 billion after just 10 days, according to the Anderson Economic Group. Here’s the National Association of Manufacturers’ summary of the situation. 8/24/2023