PJM Resource Mix More Diverse, Reliable


Beginning in 2015, PJM Interconnection has produced a series of papers examining how aspects of its operations, planning and markets could and should evolve given the changing landscape of the electric power industry. The latest work paper, PJM’s Evolving Resource Mix and System Reliability, “evaluates the changing resource mix in PJM given environmental regulations, the preponderance of low-cost natural gas, the increasing penetration of renewable resources and demand response, and the potential for retirements of nuclear power resources.” PJM’s resource mix has diversified over recent years. The study finds that the mix consisted of 91% coal and nuclear resources in 2005. In 2016, that had changed to 33% coal, 33% natural gas, 18% nuclear and 6% renewables including hydro. The study’s conclusion: “The expected near-term resource portfolio is among the highest-performing portfolios and is well equipped to provide the generator reliability attributes.” That is: for those worried about reliability in the face of electricity system change: relax, it’s good.  4/20/2017