OMA Testifies on Medical Marijuana


Joëlle Khouzam of OMA counsel Bricker & Eckler testified on behalf of the OMA before the House Task Force on Medical Marijuana.  The task force, on which OMA chairman Bill Sopko sits, is studying the issue of medical marijuana with the intent of making recommendations to the full House on possible legislation. Khouzam said: “The OMA respectfully asks this Task Force to consider the employment-related implications that have surfaced in medical-marijuana states, and that create potential concerns for the well-being and safety of Ohio workers.” She discussed safety issues, confidentiality issues, potential concerns about increased lawsuits, and the concerns about additional costs that may be shifted to manufacturers if medical marijuana is legalized in Ohio. “In sum, employers need to understand a lot more about what such legislation might entail so that they can continue to make safety-oriented business decisions without fear of lawsuits. The lack of understanding about what the term “medical marijuana” even means — even the lack of knowledge about what form it would be in, extracted oils, food products (“edibles”), or in smoked form, impacts many other workplace policies,” Khouzam concluded.