OMA Strongly Opposes Gun Bill


OMA went on the record with Speaker Rosenberger and Senate President Faber to express great concern with amendments to Sub. Senate Bill 199.   The objectionable provisions revise Ohio’s anti-discrimination laws and create a new protected class, namely concealed carry licensees who possess a concealed carry weapon in a motor vehicle on an employer’s property. Private employers generally ban employees from possessing weapons on their premises, including weapons kept in motor vehicles.  This bill takes away a private property owner’s right to regulate the presence of weapons on its property and ensure a safe workplace for its employees. These new amendments go far beyond the bill’s original intent, which appears to have been to allow military personnel to have the same rights and protections as concealed carry owners without having to go through the concealed carry application/training  process. This bill (at time of this publication) would add an entirely new protected class, essentially equating the right to carry a concealed weapon in a vehicle on an employer’s premises with race, age, sex, etc.  Here’s a good analysis from OMA counsel, Bricker & Eckler.  12/8/2016