OMA Advocates for Common Sense Regulation of Slag


Pictured: Geoff Guss, Assistant Sales Manager, of OMA member McWane-Ductile-Ohio
OMA and OMA member McWane-Ductile presented testimony this week in support of SB 2, an environmental bill, to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. In written testimony, OMA’s Rob Brundrett said: “… there is a provision in the bill that OMA has long advocated:  common sense regulation of slag. The bill recognizes that slag is a valuable product and not a waste under Ohio’s water laws. Senate Bill 2 exempts slag from excessive regulation while at the same time requiring that slag be used in a manner that conforms with appropriate water quality standards …” Geoff Guss, Assistant Sales Manager, McWane-Ductile-Ohio, testified: “We think this bill will help improve the quality of our state’s surface water, and also ensure residents of a failing water system that the Ohio EPA will assist them in their time of need. In addition, as the second largest consumer of scrap steel in the state of Ohio, McWane Ductile is glad to see the reclassification  of slag, a byproduct of our manufacturing process.”  2/23/2017