Ohio’s New Medical Marijuana Law Summarized


On June 8, 2016, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a medical marijuana bill, Sub. H.B. 523, into law, making Ohio the 25th state to adopt some form of approval and regulation of medical marijuana. Sub. H.B. 523, which underwent robust discussion and numerous amendments, attempts to balance a perceived acceptance by Ohioans to approve medical marijuana while getting ahead of various groups’ efforts to permanently incorporate medical marijuana measures into the Ohio Constitution. Following extensive House committee review, the House version introduced in April 2016 passed by a 70 to 25 vote.  It incorporated many concepts discussed during a series of public meetings convened by the House’s Medical Marijuana Task Force earlier this year.  Although the Senate version passed by a much narrower version, the Senate amendments also incorporated public input. The highlights of the final version are summarized here by OMA counsel, Joelle Khouzam of Bricker & Eckler.