Ohio’s Legislative Maps to Be Redrawn (Again)


On Sept. 13, the Ohio Redistricting Commission is expected to re-convene to redraw the state’s legislative maps. As reported by Hannah News Service, members of the panel must get their work done before the Dec. 20 filing deadline for all candidates — state, federal and local — so candidates’ names can appear on the March 2024 primary ballot. New Ohio House and Senate district maps must be redrawn since the Supreme Court of Ohio last year struck down the commission’s new maps. The maps currently being used are among those that were struck down, but a federal court ordered their use for the 2022 election only. The commission’s new maps might have better odds at surviving a legal challenge since the current Supreme Court of Ohio is thought to be more friendly to the Republican majority following the departure of former Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor. Meanwhile, the court has begun to consider the challenge to the 2022 congressional map. 8/29/2023