Ohio Voters Reject State Issue 1


By an unofficial margin of 57% to 43%, Ohio voters this week rejected State Issue 1, which would have made it more difficult to amend the state’s constitution by requiring a 60% voter-approval threshold versus a simple majority. Here are summaries of the election as published by the AP, Axios, and the Washington Examiner. (The headlines of these national stories lend further evidence that State Issue 1, despite its intent to protect the state constitution, was inextricably linked to abortion.) The Plain Dealer examined voter turnout in all 88 counties. Opponents of Issue 1, including Ohio Senate Minority Leader Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood), said the election results preserved “majority rule.” Issue 1 supporters, including Ohio Senate Matt Huffman (R-Lima), say conservative lawmakers will likely bring the question back before the electorate sometime in the future. 8/10/2023