Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project


The Ohio Business Gateway is an online filing and payment system that processed more than five million transactions and $12.4 billion in online payments last year. The Gateway Modernization Project began in 2015 when Governor Kasich appointed Lt. Governor Taylor as chair of the Ohio Business Gateway Steering Committee. Lt. Governor Taylor is leading a project to modernize the Gateway and make it more responsive to the needs of its business users. Phase I of the Gateway Modernization Project is focused on improved user experience and simpler transaction flows. This phase goes live this fall and includes:

  • A modern look and feel will make the Gateway more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Pre-populated information and fewer required clicks will reduce the time it takes to complete transactions.
  • Online help functionality will provide real-time information and the ability to request assistance any time, from any page on the Gateway.

If you have questions about the Gateway, you can email here.  5/2/2017