NAM Rolls Out Creators Website to Support Manufacturing Career Recruitment


The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is rolling out its “Creators Wanted” campaign to inspire and recruit the next-generation workforce in partnership with NAM member, Pfizer, and NAM affiliate, The Manufacturing Institute. On the new CreatorsWanted website, the story of modern manufacturing come to life through the voices of workers—at manufacturers of all sizes, including these contributors: Anheuser-Busch, BTE Technologies, Dell, Edward Marc Chocolatier, Emerson, General Electric, HELM Boots, Honda, Jamison Door Company, Marlin Steel Wire Products, PPG and STIHL, as well as Pfizer. Surveys and focus groups prove that when parents get to know modern manufacturing, kids see manufacturing as an attractive career path and manufacturers have access to a new talent pipeline. That’s why the CreatorsWanted tools and videos, along with helpful conversation guides for parents, open the doors to manufacturing workplaces and the opportunities that lie beyond them. Visit CreatorsWanted and share these stories with your children and your networks. 9/5/2017