Manufacturers: We Are the Solution


A group of leaders from more than 1,000 manufacturing businesses and associations, including the OMA, wrote a “unity letter” to President-elect Trump the day after this week’s election. “We believe in an exceptional America. We believe we are stronger as a nation when we are united. And, we believe we, as business leaders, all have a unique responsibility to bring our country back together again—a responsibility we wholeheartedly embrace,” wrote the leaders. “The days after a hard-fought presidential election have traditionally been a time to mend the divisions in our country, with political parties and nominees moving beyond the harshness of the campaign season and putting our nation, and our democratic system, first before all else. You can count on us to help lead the way in bringing about that healing and reconciliation,” they commited. In a press release, NAM president Jay Timmons noted the centrality of American manufacturing to the election:  “This election makes clear that Americans agree that manufacturing is the nation’s priority. They want our industry to lead the world and create more jobs. They know that when manufacturing is strong, America is strong. It will be up to us to channel that enthusiasm towards the right policies.”  11/9/2016