Manufacture of Baby Products Banned


The Ohio House of Representatives this week completed legislation intended to reduce infant mortality by approving Senate Bill 332, 87-7.  The bipartisan legislation makes numerous law changes including outlawing the manufacture of certain baby products.  The ban applies to the manufacture of baby pads and related products, but establishes a precedent to ban the manufacture of other products deemed unsafe.  The OMA took issue with the provision, asking legislators to remove the manufacturing prohibition. In our letter to the committee chair, OMA’s Ryan Augsburger said, “Manufacturers are supportive of childhood safety; however when product safety limitations justify regulation of the manufacture, a uniform federal regulation is always preferable to a patchwork of state laws that can disadvantage states.” An emotionally charged issue, lawmakers ultimately declined to remove the manufacturing ban before sending the bill to the House floor. OMA staff recognizes Andrew Hackman of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association who testified repeatedly on behalf of manufacturers’ interests.  12/8/2016