JobsOhio Launches New Site Selection Tool


From JobsOhio: “JobsOhio is excited to launch our new program, SiteOhio, to help you find the perfect site. SiteOhio identifies and authenticates eligible project sites that are ready for immediate development by prospective businesses. Through the SiteOhio authentication process, each site undergoes a usability audit designed to vet sites with companies in mind. “All due diligence studies look to ensure strict criteria are met, as well as utilities and other site assets are on site, with excess capacity and accessible for doing business. When a site is verified with the SiteOhio seal, it is guaranteed to be ready for development on day one, saving businesses time and money. … “The first four SiteOhio sites are available to view today with more planned for Spring 2017. Check out our four sites. Look for the SiteOhio flag to identify the authenticated sites.”  4/6/2017