It’s Kasich and Clinton in Ohio


Ohioans gave Governor John Kasich a strong vote of support in the presidential primary on Tuesday.  The governor gained 46.98% of the vote, besting Donald Trump, who took 35.87%, and Ted Cruz, who came in with 13.30%. The governor received the most votes ever in an Ohio Republican primary.  His 917,000 votes blew away the record of 794,000 set by President George W. Bush in 2004. Ohio Democrats gave 56.51% of their votes to Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders 42.72%.  Some pundits thought that Ohio might be like Michigan, where Sanders pulled an upset.  Ohio is not like Michigan. Trump won counties in southeastern and eastern Ohio; the governor took the rest.  The outcome keeps the governor on the campaign trail that leads to the convention in Cleveland. See all the results at the Secretary of State’s website.