Issue 2 Now in Effect; Senate Passes Marijuana Law Update


On Dec. 7, Ohio’s recreational marijuana legalization law (Issue 2) took effect as approved by voters in November. To prepare members, the OMA has held briefings and shared expert insights, including for those in the BWC’s Drug-Free Safety Program. Employers have protections under Issue 2, as outlined in this memo by the OMA’s general counsel, Bricker Graydon. The OMA has called on state lawmakers to preserve these essential employer protections, while bolstering business’ private property rights. The Ohio Senate this week approved an amended version of House Bill 86 to make some changes to the Issue 2 language. As passed by the Senate, the bill would alter provisions regarding home-grow possession and taxes, among other things. This story by Gongwer News Service highlights the Senate-approved changes. Despite Gov. Mike DeWine’s urging, House leaders chose not to address the marijuana law until at least next week. House leaders are working on their own Issue 2 legislation (House Bill 354). 12/7/2023