Industrial Commission Chairman Presents Budget


This week, Tim Bainbridge, Chairman of the Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC), defended the agency’s 2018-2019 budget request before the House Insurance Committee. The IC adjudicates contested workers’ compensation claims. The budget request is $103.6MM,  a 1.3 % decrease from Fiscal Years 2016-2017. Bainbridge testified: “As a non-general revenue fund agency, funded by an Administrative Cost Fund (ACF) surcharge to the employers’ workers’ compensation coverage base rate, the Industrial Commission continues to pass along savings in our daily operations to our customers. “As an example of our efficiency, the Ohio Industrial Commission District Hearing Officer and Staff Hearing Officer claims were heard on average, at 35 days, with 93% meeting the statutory 52 day time frame. The Ohio Industrial Commission adjudicated more than 127,000 claims in Fiscal Year 2016, of which only 69 were advanced through a writ of mandamus to the Tenth District Court of Appeals. “In Calendar Year 2016, there were 18 appeals filed with the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court issued 8 decisions, 7 of which affirmed the Industrial Commission, giving the Commission an 88 % affirmation rate. “The Ohio Industrial Commission has reduced staff by 44% through attrition and technology upgrades from 643 positions in 1997 to 360 positions at the end of Calendar Year 2016, saving nearly $46MM in cumulative payroll without sacrificing the quality of service to our customers.”  3/2/2017