Governor Signs Gun Bill


This week, Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 199, a controversial gun bill that expands Ohio’s concealed carry laws.  Under Senate Bill 199, public and private employers, business entities and property owners may not prohibit individuals with concealed carry licenses from transporting or storing firearms in their privately-owned vehicles. Employers and business entities can continue to prohibit all individuals from carrying firearms or other weapons inside their buildings.  Similarly, employers can prohibit employees from storing or carrying firearms inside company-owned or leased vehicles. Senate Bill 199 also eliminates Ohio’s current ban on carrying concealed firearms in daycare centers, aircraft and public areas of airport terminals before security checkpoints. The bill gives public and private colleges and universities the option to allow concealed carry firearms on campus and also gives the state and political subdivisions the ability to enact laws that would allow concealed carry firearms in certain government facilities. Additionally, under the new law, active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces do not need a concealed carry license to carry a firearm if the member is carrying valid military identification and documentation of successful completion of specified firearms training. Employers should plan to review any policies impacted by the new law, which will take effect March 19, 2017.  OMA opposed the bill.  We recognise OMA counsel, Bricker & Eckler, for its legal work on the matter.   12/20/2016